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The management and employees of Kompozitor Ltd. are consciously devoted to carrying out activities that are in accordance with the standards of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005.
For this reason we operate an environment friendly quality management system to fulfil and improve environmental and health protection requirements that guarantee a constant product quality and the uninterrupted development of products and manufacturing to meet our customers' needs.

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  • We continuously improve our production technology and equipment, introduce up-to-date manufacturing techniques and prefer those environment friendly raw materials that do not expose the environment to any danger and are supported by environment and quality projects.
  • Our contractors and subcontractors are classified on the basis of how far they fulfil our requirements so that we can guarantee consistently faultless products.
  • We regularly train our employees and provide in-service courses on standardising, labour safety, fire protection and vocational matters. Our company supplies the staff with suitable personal protective equipment.
  • Precise instructions in the manufacturing process and the selection of good quality raw materials are given to prevent the formation of spoilage and pollution.
  • The company establishes a comfortable working environment that is suitable to the technology and facilitates the production of quality goods.
  • Kompozitor Ltd. makes every effort towards implementing mechanised, blocked technological processes in order to reduce the amount of waste as well as air and water pollution. All hazardous waste is handled separately and regularly taken to an incenerator. Our firm observes all legal and other regulations.
  • The staff as a result is also made conscious of maintaining cleanliness and order, establishing an environment policy, developing and adapting processes that improve the quality of manufacturing and the final product.
  • The staff gets feedback about market, technological and consumer satisfaction.
  • We have due regard to the human factor and raise the employees' awareness of the importance of qualifications and quality in general.